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Brad Raca

When Brad thought him and his wife were going to get a divorce, he was worried about alimony. He was concerned about facing his wife’s attorney alone and enlisted the Veliz Law Firm for help in this difficult situation. Mr. Veliz litigated his case resulting in a significant reduction in the number of years of alimony and a lower amount. Brad recommends Mr. Veliz fully for his insight and consideration!

Ian Oscar Machicote

When Ian Machicote separated from his son’s mother, he knew he needed to protect his rights as a father. The Veliz Law Firm was willing to listen to his story and fight for his parental rights. The Veliz Law Firm was able to speed up the process and mediate a solution that works for both parents. Ian continues to utilize the support of the Veliz Law Firm even after his case has been settled.

Imran Shams

Imran Shams first went through his 2004 divorce without a lawyer. This led to continued problems as he recognized falsified information in court documents. When he needed to file for custody of his daughter, he knew it was time for a strong lawyer. David Veliz understood his situation, and worked to get the best outcome for Imran’s family. He was thrilled with the outcome after working with the Veliz Law Firm!

Anonymous Client

David Veliz at The Veliz Law Firm knows the heartache associated with divorce. David and his team provide the support needed to guarantee you, your assets, custody, and family are protected. The team understands the necessity of a shoulder to lean on during difficult times and they are equipped in giving the proper stability throughout a case. The Veliz team is ready to commit their time to you and your family. Let our team protect your rights as a parent. We want to make a positive change with you. Schedule a free consultation at